“You make how much? Thats so sexy”

It has taken me quite some time to pen and publicly publish this post due to the nature of it’s content, but finally I’ve come to terms with the possibility that after this goes public I’ll probably never have sex with a literate woman ever again. But ah well I didn’t start writing the blogs to win friends and influence women, so here it goes.

If you seek out a man strictly for his liquid funds or credit score to improve your standard of living, you are a parasite. No arguments, no alibis sit down and be labelled correctly. I shouldn’t really even need to back this up with an argument but the nature of those in the wrong is to convince others that they are not in fact in the wrong.

Believe this or not (it’s based on fact), but there are women out there who count a mans income as part of their income as well. Like they know that they personally earn X, have X amount for bills and they have a tax free income based on the mans income, so living from payday to payday has been redefined for them. Because now they have two paydays (I can see you witches doing back flips, sit down this is not the Olympics). For these women once they are with a man things like weekends, hair appointments, nail appointments, groceries and whatever else your disposable income can stretch to are no longer their personal financial responsibility. Once the spending precedence is set up things they couldn’t afford before you, you (the man) can now afford. H&M is a thing of the past and it’s Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and New Bond St (Please adjust stores and street names to suit the geographical location of your parasites) all the way.

I’ve been opposed to women like you for most of my adult life and thankfully I’ve not accumulated enough physical wealth to attract too many of you. But even still I’ve managed to cross paths with some of you through my own encounters or those of my friends. Looking back to to myself as an 18 year old contributing to the tax paying world for the first time and truly appreciating the true value of earning my own money (something you parasites should try) and just hard it is to work for it on an hourly basis. I remember this one particular time when I was on the bus on my way to work to go and proudly gain my minimal hourly wage and I got into a conversation with a young lady of whom I shared a mutual physical interest. We spoke as expected of two young people in a non-platonic conversation would and we felt each other out with looks and questions typical of such a scenario. About 15 minutes into this mutual interview she quite confidently and comfortably asked me what it is I do for a living and if it pays well. At that very moment Jeru the Damaja’s “Not your average…” Played through my head, so I confidently responded with, “I sign on” (that’s receiving a government cheque for those not familiar with the colloquialism). Instantly the conversation died (one of many examples of Sahara syndrome in my formative years). The question posed by the young prospector could have been delivered with better discretion by omitting the second part of the question involving the monetary value of my occupation.

As much as I try my damnedest to not think about women in a negative light because obviously they don’t all display the same negative traits or negative traits at all. It’s a tough position to play due to the large number of players on Team Negative Mindset. As men a defence needs to be formed against these demons collectively. My chosen form of defence is to deflect or ignore such women. In deflecting them I try to sniff out their intentions from as early as possible. Believe me I like many men are listening to every word you say when money or expenditure are brought up. We know some of you have perfected covert skills in gold digging and hunting out rich sources. So when you say things like we should go here and we should do this, many of us are observing your subliminal ideas in how these activities should be funded.

Some women have a reflex to expect far too much, far too soon without any real indication of what I as a man will be receiving in return. For example a couple of years back I was doing a bit of wingman service for a friend and the woman I was distracting was far from a bogey so I took joy in “getting to know her”. At some point during my excellent winging she suggested we go on a date some time soon, which seemed like a good idea. That was until she made a decision on where we should go. This is what she said to me, “Have you ever been to Prague? It’s lovely, you should take me to Prague”. This was my response “Ha! Prague as in abroad Prague, not some new restaurant in Chelsea Prague? I’m sorry I don’t do passports on first dates”. My refusal had 2 layers to it 1) I don’t know you to be in the confines of a foreign country with you alone. 2) I don’t like to put expectations on people but if I have to simultaneously pull out my passport and bank card for anything more than identification purposes, you better pull out your inner pornstar. Needless to say my wing work ended there and I returned her to her friend. I ran into her again a few months later and she told me that I lost out because she found a man to take her to Prague and wherever else she wants to go… I lost out?

“I need a man with a good career who’s driven”

You need to give that back to the good woman who you first say it, because it was actually what they deserved and desired with pure intentions and reciprocating behaviour. See the problem with the common garden variety gold digger other than the obvious parasitic motivation, is that unlike the women they often disguise themselves as they have very little to offer in return for their high demands and expectations. Due to the fact that their sights have been set on hitting the husband/boyfriend/link lottery for most of their menstruating lives they’ve done very little to elevate themselves to be equal to what they impurely desire. Some of these women have perfected this game down to an art form and play it masterfully like a game of chess and will position themselves strategically around their unsuspecting victims in ways far better thought out than “be where they socialise”. No these women have spent years making sure they work, live and shop near those whom they covet. From the “I only party in the exclusive clubs because I love the vibes” ladies to the legal secretaries and executive PA’s with nowhere near as much interest in their job roles as they do in the prospective single wealthy pots in their vicinity. I’ve witnessed women purchase cars they can’t afford and shop in M&S just to appear like they have their own money together when baiting in a wealthy prospect.

Recently someone made the statement that it is a mans duty to take care of his woman. I couldn’t agree more with that statement but like I told them “take care of” needs to be predefined. Because if you mean like a parent would a child or like a beneficiary would a charity, then I can’t agree with you less. Now I’m a traditionalist but I’m also a realist and as much as I believe in gender specific roles, mine are more based on male and females natural capabilities as opposed to misogynistic views over women. We currently live in a climate where the cost of living is high, women earn as much and if not more than men, so a man shouldn’t have to pay for everything and give his woman pocket money. A woman should be your partner and vice versa, not part of your monthly expenditure. If we’re trying to build towards a future then you need to help me stack those bricks in some way other than looking pretty.

Once again I attribute the existence of these parasitic women to male misogynistic systems firstly. The men who have little to no personality and enough credit to buy a womans interest are to blame in modern times. Mothers who didn’t raise their daughters to have self respect and why we’re at it let’s blame Kandi of Xscape for writing songs like No Scrubs and Bills Bills Bills, which may have longer last effects than the Willie Lynch letter.

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One Response to “You make how much? Thats so sexy”

  1. ItsMeAgainJah says:

    It’s not just women who are like this – believe me! I own my own (LTD) company and I have to lie about my job not to attract male financial whores. I’ve been burnt, never again. I lie and tell them I’m a cleaner (I was a cleaner in my younger years so no I don’t look down on cleaners) but it’s a good way to weed out the genuine men from the parasitic cun ts.

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