The Random Question From The Backseat

You might have noticed that odd occurrences take place with random encounters with the opposite sex (women just incase you’re wondering) and myself. Well it’s actually been a while since one of these peculiar encounters took place… Well actually that’s a lie but I can’t talk about the other one due to an agreement amongst friends.

So it’s a Saturday night and I’ve just left a party in the City (for the overseas readers I don’t live in the countryside “the city” is what we call our financial district in London) calculating how many hours sleep I’ll get by the time I get home as I had an early start the next day. So as I’m walking along making far-fetched and unrealistic calculations in my head. A taxi cab rolls on by full to the brim with young ladies making their way home from a party. As you know I’m a people watcher so I notice one of the women staring out of the back window of the cab, she in turn notices me and smiles. As I’m not you’re average Londoner I smile back (yes that’s right people in London are unfriendly and stand-offish). As I walk on a little further I notice the cab has stopped and the young ladies head is hung out of the window with a predatory smile on her face. So we exchanged a flirtatious greeting with each and I kept on walking. Now as I’m walking ahead of the cab the young lady shouted out to me these words that instantly intrigued me “How tall are you?”… Well that’s a new one on me. No what’s your name? Instead a question about my height.

Now I know you’re probably wondering what is so interesting about this and what makes it Blog worthy? Ok children gather around, whilst Uncle Swagger explains this one to you.
I believe that society has become about quick delivery in all aspects from fashion, food and relationships. Now my analysis of the intentions behind this woman’s question may not be what was intended but this is what it meant to me. When she said “How tall are you” I heard “Are you genetically fit to father my children and protect me from wild beasts”. Why else would she ask such a question in what was such a brief encounter? I can’t think of why else my height would be of concern or intrigue. Especially as I am neither remarkably tall nor short. I have to say though I much prefer this to the question I used to hear randomly like “where do you work?”, or for the more frank amongst you (gold diggers is what I really want to say here) “how much do you earn?”.

So ladies I ask for you to break this one down for me and let me know what these random question you ask men mean, because I’m not naive enough to think that anything a woman asks doesn’t have a foundation meaning to it as I know your are calculated creatures. So I await your response with a listening and learning mind.

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3 Responses to The Random Question From The Backseat

  1. Waiki says:

    This is weird!! I’m puzzled. I’d say height is probably an important thing to her, and maybe she wanted to know how tall you were just to see if there was any point in taking the flirtatious exchange any further. Other than that I can’t think of a reason why she’d ask you that question before she’d ask what your name is etc. That said, I’d love to know what you replied to her and how the conversation ended…

  2. Sash Dee says:

    Do women seriously ever ask how much you make?!…wow

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